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With all of the gear to choose from the question always arises, which gear is best. The answer varies depending on who you talk to of course. There are so many factors that go into the making of any product that one which is good for the goose sucks for the gander. Or something like that. Anyway getting the truth from a manufacturer is hopeless because they just want to sell their products. Getting the facts from a retailer is almost as frustrating. So we have made this place where you can get the truth from the masses.

Lately we have been buying our boards online (becuase there are no stores in our area) and we have found that www.mountainboarder.com has the best prices and service. The guys over there have been very helpful in getting this web site off the ground. They carry most of the brands and are knowledgable about thier products. They actually ride almost everyday! We headed down to ride with Ed and Mark (the head hanchos over there) and test out their full lineup.

#1 Terraboard F117:  Voted "Best Board" by all judges the New Terraboard F117. This board was voted best all around for several reasons. The deck itself has great camber and flexes well over any terrain. The New Primo Alpha tires are fast and give you another half inch of clearance over the old ones. The decking has something like Astro deck from the surfboards and it provides great grip. But the best thing is that it is the lightest board out there( for a full size person) and it lands big airs very softly. If you want the best and can afford the extra fifty bucks get yourself one of these. View the Specs

#2 Mongoose Unicamb: The Unicamb is our second choice for full size riders. It is a bit heavy (3 pounds more then the Terraboard) but that can have it's advantages as well. We felt very secure plowing through open grass fields on this board. It is solid and smooth. The trucks have springs which make turning feel very good. Mongoose has been making Mountainboards from the beginning and they produce quality gear!  View the Specs

#3 Eartboard Rage: The Rage is our third choice for full size riders. It weighs in at 14 Lbs which is pretty light but that is because the deck comes standard 8 Ply. It is available in 9 Ply as well which is necessary for larger riders. The Rage also comes with standard 8 inch "Striker" tires which are wider than most standard tire. The "Monster Trucks" are also wider than most standard trucks so your overall footprint is much wider than the above mentioned boards. This can be good for stability but is a serious problem when riding narrow passes like the entrance to a jump or single track trails. We also found that the board sat a bit higher and the skateboard style trucks are more jittery than any we have found. If you are a board polisher, Earthboard has killer graphics options. Best in the business!   View the Specs


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