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Mountainboard Events

Where are the events? This sport has suffered long enough with second rate events and little exposure. Let's get off our asses and create our own events. Gather local riders and publish the results here.

Just announced: Midwest Race Series

July 14th in Minneapolis, MN at Buck Hill Resort.
July 15th in Des Moines, IA at Sleepy Hollow Sports Park.

Courses have been built. More race info coming soon. For more info on
Buckhill and Sleepy Hollow (see below).


Buckhill Resort, located in the suburbs of St Paul, MN is well known
for its winter racing program, not to mention producing Olympians.

Buckhillís Mountainboard Development Team is open to all riders over age 9,this program teaches proper mountain boarding techniques, use of safety
gear (helmet, elbow pads, etc). 2 hour coaching sessions will teach riders
balance, cornering and aerial skills. Program runs for 8 Tuesdays, from
June12th through August 7th. Program times are from 5:00pm to 7:00pm each week (except July 3rd). Program costs are $130 for team/coaching fees and $30 forboard rentals.

Courses are open Wed 4-8pm, Thurs 4-8pm and Sat 9-12am.

Rentals available for $6 (MBS Comp 16's, Comp26's, Sol16's and Grom 6's
and 6 Outback Mountainboards). Includes pads, no helmet (no helmet, no

Handle-tow ticket is $10.

Mountainboard hotline (952) 435-7174, # 721 or call Tom Schulz # 709.
Ask about Season Mountainboard / BMX Pass. http://www.buckhill.com


Located in Des Moines, is situated in the Iowa backcountry a few miles
off Interstate 80.

Quad Chair runs Fri, Sat and Sun 4-8pm and costs $10-15.

Rental cost is 2hr - $5, 4hr - $10 (Grom 6ís, Sol 16ís, Razors, Blades
Comp16, Comp26 all come equipped with V3 Brake).

Sleepy Hollow is hosting a Freestyle and Boardercross race on July
15th, 2001. Support the Sport and stop and compete if your local or traveling  west after the East Coast Finals.

For more information, contact Rick Flatt at 515-262-4100.

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