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"Finally a site with mountainboard resources and links by experienced mountainboarders and those who love mountainboards"

Call them mountainboards, all-terrainboards, dirtboards, off-road skateboards or anything you want but this sport rocks.

Editors Wanted! Get involved with mountainboarding in your local community and publish news, pictures or anything related to the sport  on

Mountainboard Manufacturers

Terraboard- Top rated board and shock truck maker.

Mongoose ATB- The most popular name in mountainboarding.

Hyline- Very progressive high end boards.

MBS Mountainboards- A leader in dirtboarding from the beginning.

Earthboard- Killer entry level boards with nice graohics.

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Welcome to Mountainboard the web site. If you are new to the sport or a veteran dirtboarder we hope this site will be informative and helpful. We are not in this for the money but to help spread the word about today's hottest action sport Mountainboarding.

Growth of this sport will help advance the technology available to us riders. We at are free riders, soul surfers of the dirtboarding world, and we believe you don't have to compete to be a serious rider but it is something that comes from within. The first time you step on a mountainboard and feel the rush you know you are addicted and there is no turning back.

Ride on! We strive for peace in the mountainboard world. Join us in our journey.

Shout out to:

-- for assisting us in our quest. Thanks!

--Anyone who let's a stranger try their board without attitude!

--Chicks like Amy who are not afraid to crash and burn.

--Hyline ATB for stepping up to the plate with their new boards.

--Everyone at AMP mountainboards...coming soon to stores.

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